Power Up Nutrition llc.

Est 2019 Bethlehem, PA

Veteran Owned, Made In The U.S.A

Who Is Power Up Nutrition:

Power Up Nutrition is not just a supplement company, we are an assembly of like-minded people who want to Level Up our lives. The athlete striving for first place, the bodybuilder looking to qualify for nationals, the entrepreneur risking it all for the ultimate reward of total freedom. We are all the ultimate Power Players in this game of life.


Why We Started Power Up Nutrition:

Power Up Nutrition was created by two individuals with a combined 30 plus years in the Fitness Industry looking to get more out of their supplements. We noticed a growing trend in the supplement industry where every product was focused on bodybuilders. While we love and admire our bodybuilders--as both owners are or have been bodybuilders themselves--we recognize a large population of fitness enthusiasts are being ignored. We wanted to create COMPLETE supplements that everyone can use. 


Power Up Nutrition Core Values:

  • Commitment

    • 110% satisfaction ALWAYS.

    • We do not have customers, we have Power Players. We acknowledge everyone has goals, ambitions, and dreams. Power Up Nutrition supplements and community provide the extra support that will help you reach your end goal.

  • Honor

    • Always help and support others to reach their maximum level.

    • We recognize there are other supplement companies out there. We value their input and contribution to the market place. We will never attempt to knock anyone down in order to level ourselves up.

  • Integrity

    • Do the right thing--ALWAYS. Our supplements have NO proprietary blends. Every product we release ensures you know EXACTLY what you're getting.

    • No hidden ingredients, useless fillers, or banned substances. We offer only quality ingredients that have been tested and have a good and proven track record.

  • Hard Work

    • All of our products have been carefully formulated with NO shortcuts.

    • We make sure we consistently deliver quality products.